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10 Golden Rules to keep your Fish Happy.


1.    Get the right Aquarium for the type of fish that you wish to keep.

For example: A small fish bowl is not suitable for the messy gold fish.
Adequate size tank to provide enough room for growing fishes.
Choose the largest aquarium possible. The bigger the volume, the more stable the conditions will be.

2.    Get the right equipment for the volume of water and the type of fish you keep.
The filter that you choose must be able to house enough bacteria to break down the amount of waste produced by your fish, without getting clogged.

3.    Ensure adequate oxygenation of the water
Oxygen is an essential element for life. The way you provide a good level of oxygen dissolved in the water is by ensuring that the surface area of the water is totally agitated which will allow gas exchange.

4.    Chemistry of the Water, adequate Water quality for the type of fish you own.
Each type of fish has a particular water parameter requirement. It is important to understand and provide the fish you want to keep with the correct conditions. This includes: Temperature, pH, kH(Carbonate hardness), Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and salt levels. This means that not all the fish can be kept together and you need to match up the conditions required by the fish you wish to keep by adding the right quantity of conditioning salts and Calcium carbonate.

5.    Type of Fish living together, No bulling in my Tank!
Select your fish appropriately, some fish are great in community, other ones will kill whatever moves in the tank. Some are territorial, some predators, others will eat all your plants.
The rule is no bully in the tank. He will exhaust the other fish and kill them all one by one.

6.    The right Nutriments for plants and food for fish.
Fish can be compared to mammals. Some will eat plants, others will hunt and some will scavenge. Some will specialize in only one type of food. You have to try to give the best food possible for your fish, as close as possible to what it would eat in the wild. The food needs to be digested as much as possible to stimulate growth and avoid waste that may pollute the water.

7.    Do regular water change.
The biological filtration will give Nitrates as a final product. Live plants and algae will use it as fertilizer. Meanwhile, an excess of nitrate dissolved in the water will harm the fish.  It is important to do a weekly or fortnightly water change depending on the quantity of fish that the aquarium is housing.

8.    Provide regular, varied feeding for your fish
Feed your fish different types of food. You can choose from frozen food, pellets, flakes, live food or dried and always try to provide some plants for the fish to eat because they need their greens as much as we do.

9.    Do NOT over feed your fish
Fish have a massive mouth proportionally compared to the one of a human.  As a result they will need only a fraction of the time you will need to fill the volume of the stomach.


Generally 30 seconds to one minute should be the norm in terms of time that the food stays available in the water for the fish to feed. If after one minute there is still some food in the aquarium, you may have given to much and it’s best to remove the excess as it will add to the waste in the tank.

Also, in the wild, fish don’t know when the next meal will come and thus will be ready to eat two hours after they have eaten. You shouldn’t feed them extra as they will put on weight.

They also will produce more waste, adding ammonia in the water and all uneaten food will increase the levels of ammonia as well, bringing the capacity of your filter to the limit.

10.    Enjoy! Be interested, research, educate yourself.Your aquarium should be a finely tuned enclosed ecosystem, if you are doing well you may even have some fry.
Owning a tank is a great tool to teach yourself and your kids about life cycles in general.

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  • Chrissy
    August 1, 2013

    Good day,

    My partner and I have 4 male guppies in our small tank and wish to add few female guppies into the family. Do you sell female guppy and how do you sell them? We are also looking for a small log or pot for the tank and a gravel sucker to clean the tank.

    Please advice on the prices for the above. Thank you.

  • Georgia
    January 22, 2015

    Hi i’m looking for a male siamese fighting fish, do you have any at the moment in your store ?

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