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Dog and Cat Nutrition – B.A.R.F

Feed your dog/puppy and cat with B.A.R.F (Bone and Raw Food)

Put together by a veterinarian the barf diet is an evolutionary diet made of a premium preservative free meat mix with pulped fruits and veggies, kelp, garlic, egg, yoghurt, flax seed meal and brewer yeast. It is made to be as close as possible to what a dog would eat if it was to find its own food.
Think outside the bag

Extensive research has been done on the canine diet over the last decade providing substantial evidence to suggest many dogs are ailing with their health from NOT being provided raw foods in their diet. Nature has indeed intended our furry friend to have a varied raw cuisine due to their body chemistry. The diet is based on raw meat, fruit & vegetable, yoghurt, flaxseed, kelp and bone, this is what they ate before the processed food


Revolution altered our preferences when it came to feeding our pets. Returning ailing pooches to this type of raw food diet has shown to improve their health enormously. Ex: Breath, stool volume and odor, skin condition, muscle mass, and vitality is just a few.

So next time you see your dog scratching and licking excessively, ask yourself is this bag of food nutritionally enough… After all it makes good sense doesn’t it cause…DOGS AND CATS CAN’T COOK

Just like humans, animals could sometimes become deficient in vitamins and minerals. The reasons can be really diverse: Stress, unbalanced diet, and breeding, change of season, change of routine…Therefore we stock a big range of supplements to improve the general health of our little friends.

•    Vets all naturals Flax Seed and Omega 3 Oils supplement: great for skin conditions

•    Sasha’s blend and Pernease Powder: Help relieve joint and arthritic problems.

•    Nutropet and Nutrogel: High energy and mineral supplements •    Calcium Powder and Syrup: for lactating bitches and new born puppies for bone development.

•    Di Vetelact: milk supplements to hand raise baby animals.

Our range of premium quality dry food.

•   MEALS FOR MUTTS & MEOWS Australian owned and made, MFM offers an affordable range for dry dog and cat food. Most of their products is organic, grain and gluten free.

•   EARTHBORN : USA made, this high quality dry food is packed with nutritious ingredients. Our recommendation if your pooch is on a dry only diet.

•   IVORY COAT: Australian made, their grain free range is offering high quality protein and guaranteed analysis of their food content.

We’ve chosen to recommend those brands for the quality and their meat content. Sadly a lot of other dry pet foods are principally made of grains and by product meat and hold a lot of additives and preservatives which over time could develop health issues such as a coat and/or skin condition on the dog.

Of course we understand some of our furry friends can be a little fussy regarding their food. We can order in on a weekly basis any other brand such as Nutro, Advance, Iams and other.

Come see us and we will help set you and your pet on the right track with a more nutritionally balanced diet.

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