Bones and Raw Food

Healthy Fresh Food Options for Dogs and Cats! Grain Free, Preservative Free, No Additives!

We stock Canine Country Pet Food Barf raw food.

Canine Country has developed our own special diets with different flavour varieties to suit all canine and feline dietary needs. All products are Fresh Australian Products, most from Human Consumption Processors.

The 1kg rolls or trays are conveniently frozen, have no grain or filler free and are preservatives free.

All Fruit and Vegetables are FRESH produce direct from farms in the Brisbane Valley or local Produce stores.  (Canine Country does not use imported dehydrated


Bone and Raw Food Diets consist of a combination of Fresh Meat, Ground Soft Bone, Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables, Flaxseed, Kelp, Omega 3, 6, 9, Yoghurt and Garlic.

Canine Country Pet Foods have a LOW ALLERGY range for dogs and cats with food based allergies.


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