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Get your dog pampered by our lovely groomer at Pets Wonderland! Call 07 55981434 to make an appointment.

Our pricing is based on different criteria’s and may vary as per:

  • Size of dogs
  • Type of fur: example short and straight hair Labrador type, or thick double coated, Husky type.
  • Length of fur: long hair will take double the quantity of shampoo and double the time to dry.
  • Character of the dog: some dogs are bitty, restless or not cooperating.
  • Type of cut requested: poodles, Scottish terrier, scissoring and all specialized cuts requiring extra time and work.
  • State of the coat before grooming: knotted, dreadlocks, flea infestation, soiled with oil, hot spots, etc.
  • Extras like medicated shampoo or flea shampoo.

Small dogs: up to 5 kg or up to 25 cm hight at shoulder

Medium dogs: up to 20 kg or up to 45 cm hight at shoulder

Large dogs: More than 20 kg or more than 45 cm hight at shoulder.

Small dogs short hair

Small dogs longhair medium dogs short hair

Medium dogs long hair large dogs short hair

Large Dogs long hair, cats

Bath: Bath, Ears cleaned, Nails trimmed, Anal glands expressed

From $15.00

From $20.00

From 25.00

From $30.00

Bath and dry: Bath, Ears cleaned, Nails trimmed, Anal glands expressed and blow dry

From $20.00

From $25.00

From 30.00

From $35.00

Feet, Face and Tail tidy up: Bath, Ears cleaned, Nails trimmed, Anal glands expressed Face, sanitary and feet tidy. No length off the body, legs, head or ears.

From $45.00

From $45.00

From 50.00

From $55.00

Full groom incudes: Bath, Ears cleaned, Nails trimmed, Anal glands expressed. Entire body: one length, then  face, sanitary and feet at required length.

From $50.00

From $55.00

From 70.00

From $80.00

Full groom Style cut:  As above, with blending and Hand scissoring. Or specific breed cut.

From $60.00

From $70.00

From 80.00

From $90.00


Extra charges:

Flea shampoo: $5.00

Flea & tick rinse: $5.00

Extra person handling $5.00/15min

Brushing out knots (whenever possible) $5.00/15min

Use of muzzle $5.00

Other grooming services:

Nail trimming: $10.00

Ear plucking: $5.00

Dye: $5.00 for tail or ears + $19.95 per dye bottle opened. You get to keep any remaining dye.

Grooming appointments are either morning or afternoon.

Morning: Drop off between 7.30 and 8.30 and pick up at 12.00 or when called.

Afternoon: Drop off between 12.00 and 1.30 and pick up at 4.30 or when called.

Grooming dogs are welcome to stay and play for the morning – up till 12.00pm or the afternoon – up till 5.00pm at no extra charge*. Passed those times, a half day daycare fee of $20.00 will apply.  ( Does not apply for baths)

For only and extra $20.00, they can stay for the full day and enjoy a walk to the river before their haircut. ( Does not apply for bath)


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  • Jo
    November 12, 2014

    Just wondering if u groom cats ? If so would like a rough price , I need her shaved a little too as she has some knots under her arms and around her tail ?!

  • Kim
    March 7, 2016

    Hi. How much would it cost for a clipping
    For a miniature Pomeranian?

    • Kim & Enrique
      March 10, 2016

      Hi Kim,Thank you for your inquiry and sorry about our late reply.
      Grooming for a miniature Pomeranian is from $55.00. Final price is confirmed upon assessment of the dog’s coat but will not exceed $65.00
      The service includes bathing, clipping, ear cleaning, nail trimming and anal glands expressed.
      Please call 5598 1434 if you have any further query or if you wish to make an appointment.
      Deb @ Pets Wonderland

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