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Our approach

We listen, we care….
Here at Pets in Wonderland we want to get into your world with your pet, to be able to service you best…..see more…We offer  advice from a place of experience, as long term pet owners ourselves.
We also don’t believe in the hard sell of products, however we will let you know accurately what is available and our preferences from experience, then the choice is yours.It is not possible to know everything in this world but we do our best to stay up to date and think out side the box, to help you make informed choices for your pets needs, whether it be nutritional or pure entertainment we will be there for you and your little friend in making your selection.



We care as much you do !

There will be No Puppy farming here…

Because we love animals, we care and we know our stuff, you will get great service from our dedicated staff…an extensive range of pet care products and accessories…premium foods without preservative or by product…and above all carefully selected pets that have never experienced a joyless day in their lives…proudly NOT supporting Puppy farming or animal cruelty of any nature.  see more

Many times our customers have complimented us on the extra time taken and caring we offer in the store to help them choose a product or resolve a problem they may have with a pet or perhaps it’s to choose a jacket…none of these things are too small or too large..We take a lot of pride in what we do and we hope this sets us apart from the classic way of trading. At Pets in Wonderland we are all about improving the health and lifestyle of your pet along with warm friendly service to make the journey easy.

Do you know all our pets up for adoption go home every night?….lots of love and play time at home right up until they go into the pen each day…The have a ball running around the house cats and dogs alike and then safe and warm to bed at night. THey are very loved and exercised.


Commercial Foods

Dogs and cats used to be quite healthy until commercial pet food was first manufactured in the 1850’s in England.  Over a number of years our pets have become sicker and sicker with diabetes, pancreatitis, bad breath, skin disease, failing hearts and kidneys and failing immune systems which is becoming more common.  Unfortunately, today people are programmed to feed commercial pet food.  They are under the misconstrued belief that commerical processed food offers a complete diet for different life stages of our pets. Commercial pet food is extremely convenient for us, easy to store, easy to purchase and easy to feed, you are even told the quantity and frequency to feed.

If your vet is strongly opposed to natural raw feeding I would suggest you find another vet.  Unfortunately, most vets receive very little education on dogs or cats dietary requirements, other than what commercial dog food company representatives teach them.  Breeders and vet receive generous kickbacks from promoting, selling and recommending a commercial diet and sadly it is the commercial diet that keeps their waiting rooms full.

Listed below are a couple of reasons why we will NEVER offer commercial pet food to our animals>

Cooked/ Heat Treated

Destroys many vitamins necessary for good health like the B Group Vitamins and Vitamin C and reduces the protein value.

Destroys enzymes. Enzymes in raw food have two very important functions.

1. They help with the digestion of food and they help slow the aging process.  If our pets are fed cooked food it forces the pancreas to work harder to produce more digestive enzymes to help digest the food, resulting in several diseases so commonly seen in our pets of today, including pancreatitis and diabetes.

2. Destroys Anti-Oxidants. Anti-aging factors called anti-oxidants are destroyed in the cooking process and therefore the food is less able to slow the degenerative diseases of old age, including cancer, kidney disease, heart disease and arthritis.

Periodontal Disease

If dogs and cats are not fed raw meaty bones they are not able to brush and floss their teeth,  The ripping, tearing and crunching necessary to consume a raw meaty bone washes, polishes and scrubs gums and teeth.  95% of dogs fed a commercial diet will show signs of periodontal disease by the time they are 4 years of age.  Periodontal disease is not just a problem in the mouth; it has the potential to affect a number of vital organs in teh body.  Bacteria associated with periodontal disease can enter the bloodstream and cause serious problems such as affecting the valves of the heart, causing permanent damage leading to heart failure.  Likewise, bacteria can damage both the kidneys and liver also resulting in failure.

Preservatives, Addititves, Colourings and Flavouring

Commercial pet foods are full of ill health promoting colourings, flavourings, and preservatives that can cause hypersensitivity reactions, allergies and skin problems at the very least.

High in Cereals, Grains and Carbohydrates

Grains make up the majority of commercial pet food companies food source.  The large amounts of cereals and grains in commercial foods are not chemically or physically suitable for dogs which do not have a digestive system to cope with grains,.  Grains are one of the biggest sources of allergies in dogs and cause numerous health problems like obesity, pancreatitis, skin problems, diabetes, dental problems, arthritis, bladder stones and cancer.

Excess Salt

Commercial pet food can contain 10 to 20 times more salt than our dogs and cats require.  This is very harmful to our pets at it increases blood pressure and can lead to kidney and heart disease.

The Flea


Do you know that a flea can produce around 50 eggs a day….and up to a trillion in 9 months, all within 48 hrs of their very first blood feed….You and your pet will benefit by staying covered all year round…see more




Makes good sense to stay on top of that nasty parasite by treating your pets all year round…we see all too often what happens when you don’t…soon enough there will be a massive infestation to deal with. With regular treatments they stay dead and In turn you will have a much more peaceful pet..We have noted over the years that its not just the pets that suffer from these nasty outbreaks, their owners claim to be very disturbed and frustrated themselves by the condition and yes they love to take up residence in your house in a big way too….so come see us we will help tailor a flea program to your pet and lifestyle..We have all the quality safe flea products that are available.

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